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Stamps Quartet

Formed originally in 1924, this quartet boasts the longest history of any male quartet. The name Stamps has been associated with gospel music since the early 30′s, due to their influence on singing conventions, singing schools, gospel song books, printing and plate making, and much more. The original quartet was the first to record gospel songs for a major recording company. Released on the victor label, “Give the World a Smile” backed with “Love Leads The Way” sold just under a million copies. J.D. and the Stamps came together in 1963. Sumner, then a member of the Blackwood Brothers, met Frank Stamps while performing in Ft. Worth, TX, and Stamps offered him the opportunity to purchase the Stamps Publishing Company. In 1965, J.D. felt that the tradition of the Stamps Quartet needed to be received and reorganized the group, which performed regularly with Elvis Presley during the height of their success. Elvis, who called the group his favorite singers, once said that, given the choice of voices, he would have chosen to be a bass singer, “just like J.D.”..Known in the Guinness Book of World Records as the World’s Lowest Bass Singer, J.D. Sumner is also a GMA Hall of Fame inductee and Grammy Award winner.


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The original Stamps Quartet was formed by Frank Stamps in 1924 and was the first Southern Gospel group to sign with a major label (Victor Records).



1965 under the direction of J.D. Sumner


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J.D. Sumner and the Stamps performed regularly with Elvis Presley.



The original Stamps Quartet singing “Give The World A Smile”


J.D. Sumner and the Stamps singing “Touring That City”