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Jim “Pappy” Waits

James Parks Waits is known the world over as “Big Jim”, the dean of gospel bass singers. Jim’s rich bass voice has been heard by the millions via radio, television, recordings, and personal appearances. His artistry is loved by everyone. His God-given talent has been used to bless mankind the world over under every conceivable circumstance. Jim’s innumerable achievements were accomplished while working with the following groups: The Morris-Henson Quartet, The Electrical Workers Quartet, The Vaughan Radio Quartet, The Stamps Quartet, The John Daniel Quartet, The LeFevres, The Homeland Harmony Quartet, and The Rebels Quartet.


Induction Year




Big Jim, Dean of the Bass Singers, Deacon Big Jim Waits


Voice Part



Music Groups

Sunny City Four

The Morris-Henson Quartet

The Electrical Workers Quartet

The Vaughan Radio Quartet

The Stamps Quartet The

John Daniel Quartet

The LeFevres

The Homeland Harmony Quartet

The Rebels Quartet



The Camp Meeting Singers singing “I’ll Be Traveling On” with Jim Waits on bass