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Jarrel McCracken

Jarrell McCracken was a co-founder of Word Records in Waco Texas.  McCracken attended Baylor University.  During his time at Baylor he made a spoken word recording titled, “The Game Of Life.” The recording was a play-by-play of a metaphorical match between the forces of Good and Evil.  The success of that recording eventually led to the birth of  Word Records. In later years, Word Records launched several labels including Canaan, Myrrh, Dayspring, and Rejoice.  Word also launched a publication department and the music/publishing company in gospel music.  Jarrell and his partner Marvin Norcross eventually sold Word Records to American Broadcasting Company.  Still, McCracken remained as President and Chief Executive officer of Word. The company was later sold to other interests at which point McCracken resigned and devoted his time to other business interests, primarily a large breeding farm of Arabian Horses.


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Word Records, founder


Significant Works

“The Game of Life,” a spoken word recording






“The Game of Life”  Part 1.


“The Game of Life” Part 2