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James Edward Marsh

James E. Marsh was born in Blount County Alabama on May 7, 1890.  At an early age he decided he wanted to be a music teacher.  He pursued that interest by studying with teachers of theory and harmony.  Mr. Marsh taught at over 50 singing schools and composed over 400 gospel songs.  He owned and operated a furniture and appliance business for over 30 years in Pinson, Alabama, but he still found time to devote to gospel music.  He served as president of the Annual Singing at Trafford, Alabama for 40 years.  Some of his most popular songs were “Happy Am I,” “Love Leads the Way,” and “Pray the Clouds Away.


Induction Year




Blount County, AL


Roles in Gospel Music

Music Teacher and Song-writer


Significant Songs

  • “Happy Am I”
  • “Love Leads the Way”
  • “Pray the Clouds Away”



The Statesmen singing “Happy Am I”