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Jacob Bazzell Mull

The Reverend Jacob Bazzell Mull was born October 4, 1914 in Burke County, North Carolina, and as a child played the banjo in the Valdese Sacred Band. The band members consisted of his Father, Mother, Brothers and Sisters. The Rev. Mull lost his eyesight at the age of eleven months, when he fell into an open fireplace. He has been legally blind since that day. In 1942 J. Bazzell Mull moved to Knoxville to start his first radio program on WROL AM, then to WNOX AM in Knoxville. He produced his first gospel concert in 1943, fifty years ago. Since that time he has promoted thousands of gospel concerts. He became well known over the nation when between the years 1957 and 1982 he programmed gospel music on several fifty thousand watt radio stations. J. Bazzel Mull met Elizabeth Brown at a church revival in Lenoir City and after an extended courtship they were married on September 10, 1944. Mrs. Mull has become his eyes and has continually read the Bible to him adding to his biblical knowledge. He has organized several churches in North Carolina and Tennessee. The Rev. Mull promotes fifteen to twenty concerts each year, has two radio gospel music programs daily and two television shows weekly. He is th eowner of four gospel music stations, the flagship station is WJBX-FM in Knoxville, where he and his wife host the Mull Singing Convention from 4-6pm each day Monday thru Friday. His other radio stations are WDEH-AM in Sweetwater, Tennessee, WDEH-FM in Sweetwater and WENR-AM Englewood/Athens.  Rev. Mull passed away on Sept. 5, 2006 at a nursing home in Knoxville.


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