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In February of 1964 Andrae’ Crouch put a special group together he called “The Disciples,” made up of sister Sandra (by then a successful studio percussionist) and vocalists Perry Morgan and Bili Thedford (who also played bass). Their reputation began to spread. Soon they were playing places as prestigious as Disneyland and as far off as Hawaii. In 1966, Andrae’ signed a songwriting contract with manna Music. His immediate success as a songwriter led Manna’s Tim Spencer to introduce Andrae’ to Ralph Carmichael who urged him to record this new and exciting music God was giving him. Carmichael signed the group to Light Records and released their first album, Take The Message Everywhere, in 1970. A single on Liberty Records called “Christian People” in 1970 earned the group its first Grammy nomination, but there would be many more where that came from. Seven albums were recorded during the group’s 14-year tenure, two of which would be honored with Doves and two with Grammy awards.


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  • Andrae Crouch
  • Sandra Crouch
  • Perry Morgan
  • Bili Thedford


Notable Performances

They were the first CCM group to perform at Carnegie Hall, at Royal Albert Hall, and on Saturday Night Live



Andrae’ Crouch and the Disciples singing “Jesus Is The Answer”