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Charlie D. Tillman

Charles D. Tillman was born on March 20, 1861 in Tallasee, Alabama.  He was a self-educated musician.  The Reverend Tillman was very active in evangelistic work: preaching and singing throughout the nation.  During the World  Convention of Christian Workers held in 1893 in Boston, Massachusetts, he substituted for Ira Sankey as song leader.  He was a singer, preacher, and lecturer of rare charm.  Charlie Tillman engaged in the publishing business issuing twenty different song books, some of which sold over a quarter million copies.  He was author and publisher of the “Day School Singer” prepared and adapted for use in the state of Georgia public schools.  He wrote many songs that became famous and were widely sung.  Such songs include “Life’s Railway to Heaven”, “Old Time Power”, “When I Get to the End of the Way”, and “The Old Time Religion”.  Mr. Tillman died on September 2, 1943 in Atlanta, Georgia.



Tallahassee, AL



Atlanta, GA


Significant Songs

  • “Life’s Railway to Heaven”
  • “Gimmie that Old Time Religion”
  • “The Great Judgement Morning”



The Caravans singing “Gimmie That Old Time Religion”