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Charles A. Tindley

Charles Tindley was born July 7, 1851 in Berlin, Maryland.  He was the son of slave parents and was separated from his parents at the age of four.  He learned to read and write at age seventeen moved to Philadelphia where he attended night school and took a correspondence course from the Boston School of Theology.  He was ordained to the ministry by the Methodist Church and served pastorates in Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. The Tindley Temple Methodist Church (formerly the Calvary Methodist Episcopal Church, which he pastored) was named in his honor.  He wrote many great gospel songs such as “Nothing Between,” “Leave It There,” “Stand By Me,” “By and By,” and “When the Morning Comes.” His song “I’ll Overcome Someday” (We Shall Overcome) written in 1901 was the theme for the civil rights movement of modern times.  The Reverend Charles Albert Tindley died July 26, 1933 in Philadelphia, PA.


Induction Year




Early Black Gospel Music



The Tindley Gospel Singers



Songwriter and Minister of Music


Significant Songs

  • “We Shall Overcome”
  • “Stand By Me”
  • “By and By”



Mahalia Jackson singing “We Shall Overcome”