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Cathedral Quartet

In 1964, when Southern Gospel was just beginning to emerge as a popular art form, evangelist Rex Humbard brought together the creative foundations for a group that would come to embody all the spirit and verve of Southern Gospel. Humbard’s thriving television outreach, the Cathedral of Tomorrow, broadcast weekly from Akron, Ohio and featured a collection of young singers known, fittingly, as the Cathedral Trio. The mainstay of the threesome’s sound was the distinctive lead vocals of Glen Payne. When Humbard decided to add a fourth member to the Cathedrals trio, he recruited another promising young singer, bassist George Younce. As part of Rex Humbard’s thriving outreach, the Cathedral Quartet performed regularly, both live and over nation-wide televised services, for six years. The quartet became a smoothly functioning musical unit, anchored by the trademark interplay of Younce’s powerful bass and Payne’s instantly recognizable lead lines. As the group’s spokesman and master of ceremonies, Younce’s on-stage personality, bolstered by often wryly humorous exchanges with Payne, became one of the most popular and emulated in gospel music.


In 1969, the cathedral Quartet took the next step in their development, branching out into their own full-time concert ministry. It was a career that took a sudden and unexpected setback in 1979 when, after receiving four Dove Awards, all the members of the group, with the exception of Payne and Younce, decided to leave to pursue other musical directions. The cathedral Quartet sounds lives on today with the distinctive styles of tenor Kurt Young, baritone Mark Trammell and pianist Roger Bennett. The fraternity of these five men proved to be a winning combination, bringing dozens of number one hits to their credit. “Step Into the Water”, The Master Builder”, “Boundless Love”, “Can He, Could He, Would He”, “Somebody Touched me”, “Champion of Love” and “I Can See The Hand” are just a few of the titles The Cathedrals have brought to the top of the charts. Such popularity with gospel music listening fans elected the Cathedrals recipients of several People’s Choice Awards offered by the industry’s Gospel Music News and Singing News magazines.


Induction Year





Original Members

  • Bobby Clark
  • George Younce
  • Glen Payne
  • Danny Koker


Other notable members

  • Mark Trammel
  • Ernie Haase
  • Scott Fowler
  • Gerald Wolfe
  • Roger Bennett
  • George Amon Webster



Members of the Cathedral Quartet went on to lead top Southern Gospel groups such as Greater Vision, Signature Sound, and Legacy V



The Cathedrals singing “Dry Bones”

The Cathedrals singing “Oh What A Savior”