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Ben Lacy Speer

Ben Lacy Speer, the youngest child of G.T. and Lena Speer, was born in Double Springs, Alabama. He started singing at the age of two and is still very active in gospel music today. He has been one of the most enduring and outstanding lead singers and piano performers in gospel music. In 1946 he opened the Ben Speer Music Company – the first music company to publish Southern Gospel Music in sheet music form. The company is still operating today. Ben chose experimenting with sound equipment as a hobby. He has excelled in this field and is often used as a consultant for sound by his colleagues in gospel music. He has recorded over 75 albums with the Speers, including recordings for Columbia, RCA, and Riversong records. He studied music at Trevecca Nazarene College, Stamps-Baxter School of Music, and with some of the most outstanding voice teachers in the business. Currently, he is General Manager of Stamps-Baxter Music Company; President of Ben Speer Music, and owner and chief engineer of Ben Speer Recording Studios.


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Music Director for the Gaither Homecoming Series



Trevecca Nazerene College, Stamps-Baxter School of Music



Ben Speer singing “Unworthy” on the Gaither Homecoming Series