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Asa Brooks Everett

Asa Brooks Everett was born in Virginia in September 1828.  He received his musical education in Boston and Leipzig Germany.  Dr. Everett composed many hymns and anthems some of which are “Footsteps of Jesus”, “Knocking at the Door”, and “Come Unto Me”.  He collaborated with Basil Manly Jr. to put together Baptist Chorals:  A Tune and Hymn Book which was one of the most significant efforts in the South to compile a collection of songs for Baptist worship.  Asa Everett’s most important book was “The Sceptre”.  He died near Nashville, Tennessee in September 1875.


Induction Year



Significant Works

Baptist Chorals:  A Tune and Hymn Book (1859) in collaboration with Basil Manly Jr.


Roles in Gospel Music

  • Music teacher
  • Composer
  • Compiler