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G.T. “Dad” Speer

1891 – 1966

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Cullman County, Alabama


He was a pioneer teacher in both the Vaughan School of Music and the Stamps-Baxter Music School.

Significant Songs

“Heaven’s Jubilee”


His first musical memory was a gospel song his mother sang. His first musical effort was a melody inspired by the lyrical sounds of Brushy Creek in his native Cullman County, Alabama. From earliest childhood, Tom Speer felt compelled toward a life of service in gospel music. He wrote songs constantly, sang at every opportunity, and became a devoted and respected teacher in music schools throughout the South. His influence on the lives others was immeasurable. Rupert Cravens, a young, unschooled Missouri farm lad, learned harmony, theory, and Christian love from “Dad” Speer at the Vaughan Singing School in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. Rupert became a minister and one of gospel music’s most prolific songwriters. Mosie Lister was another of “Dad” Speer’s successes. He turned away from a promising career as a country singer to devote his life to writing gospel music. “Dad” Speer’s life touched thousands and everyone who knew him, no matter how briefly, caught a glimpse of the meaning of “Heaven’s Jubilee.”


The Speer Family Singing “Heaven’s Jubilee”


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